Please go to your assigned Portal Address

In order to use this portal, we need to be able to identify which location you are coming from. Your first request to this site needs to be to your assigned URL.

If you did go to your assigned URL initially there is likely a problem with a 'Cookie' that we tried to set on your computer.

This cookie is set on your web browser when you first visit the site and then it should be submitted back to the site with every request that you make or page that you visit.

However, you did not submit this cookie on your most recent request.

Let's Figure Out Why...

  • The date on your computer might be set incorrectly. Since cookies rely on dates, a computer with an incorrect date may confuse your browser into forgetting about your cookie. To fix this, simply set the correct time and date on your computer.
  • You might have installed an application that monitors/blocks cookies from being sent, such as virus protection software. If so, disable it before you sign in.
  • You might be behind a firewall that doesn't allow you to receive cookies. This is sometimes the case for users connecting from a business intranet with high security. To see if this is why you're having problems, contact your Systems Administrator.
  • Your browser may not be set to accept cookies. Most browsers have the option of either accepting all cookies, showing an alert before accepting a cookie, or not accepting cookies at all.
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